An Awesome Modern Home with Tongue and Groove Outdoor Ceilings

What is a Tongue and Groove Ceiling?

And what benefits do they offer.

Need a splash of that rustic woody feel? A Tongue and Groove ceiling is the perfect addition to your home. The Tongue and Groove (T&G) ceiling is made up of long wooden boards that fit in side-by-side across a ceiling, hence the name Tongue in the Groove. If you’d like to DIY this installation, it is very simple to do so due to the secured joints all you need is just some glue and nailing.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Tongue and Groove Ceiling over Drywall

When installing a drywall into your home, it’s a little difficult if you want to do it DIY style because of the intricacy needed to get that smooth and seamless finish which would be difficult to achieve for a beginner. If not done properly it will then expose the imperfections within your craftmanship. Installing drywall is an intricate job done by professionals or experienced craftsmen.

A Tongue and Groove Ceiling can be a one-person project when it comes to installing, the secure joints aid in providing an easier method of installation. The only tough part about installing is ensuring they are evenly straightened out to maintain parallel to the other walls on both sides of the ceilings. Other than that, the boards are super light and thin which makes it easier for you to lift them into the right spot and install them efficiently.

It is extremely stylish with hints of rustic touches that makes the atmosphere elegantly modern and homey.


How to Style a Tongue and Groove Ceiling?

Here are some ways and places to install a Tongue and Groove ceiling within your home.

The porch is usually a neglected region within your home and one way of optimizing that space is by installing a T&G ceiling on your porch. The usual way of styling these panels are traditional design, rustic & masculine and cottage style. The color of the wooden panels can either be their natural state or stained a darker tone for a more rustic feel. Matching your furniture around the panels would be a great first step in achieving the modern elegant look on your porch but it is all up to your imagination on how you’d like your dream porch to look like! Other than that, you can opt for T&G to be in your recreational space or living room to give you that aesthetic pleasure whilst staying indoor as well.

Benefits of Tongue and Groove Outdoor Panels

And why its better to have this added into your home.

The technology behind the tongue and groove boards now incorporates wall sliding, decking and outdoor/indoor ceilings. The best part about it other than being able to install the panels DIY style is that the wood can be stained in any color, preferably before installing them because it is difficult to change the color once installation is complete. Other than that, T&G panels are usually coated with a protective layer to avoid any moisture damage which is an added benefit for having that stylish exterior in your home.

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