Wood Panel Designs

There are plenty of our wood wall panel designs that are available for you to choose from. Our team of experts is delighted to advise you about special applications and the technical details of the wood panel that suits your project.

Indoor & Outdoor Panels

Whether you are looking to infuse wood elements for your indoor or outdoor décor, trust us that we have got you covered. Our wall panels are specifically and technically engineered to accommodate to the environment – be it outdoor wood panel or indoor wood panel. With five different product ranges to choose from, our design consultants are willing to sit, chat and help you to envision your dream décor that is equipped with wood panels.

Sustainable Biowood Cladding

To emphasise our commitment for environment conservation, we also offer biowood wall panel as well as bio wood cladding for our clients. Our bio wood is made from 70% pulped wood and 23% polyvinyl chloride (PVC). On top of being an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional wood our bio wood cladding is lightweight, durable, strong and requires minimal maintenance and has been marketed as a safe product.


Be it our wooden panels for indoor or outdoor use, we are sure to add to the aesthetic pleasure and comfort of your home.


Our wood wall panels add a touch of class and simplicity to offices to create a good working environment for our clients.


Wood strip ceiling panels and wall panels as provided by us are a great inclusion to hotels, allowing their guests to have a comfortable stay.

Retail Store

Retail stores that place importance on aesthetics are sure to keep the customers rolling in with our wood panels that are easy on the eye.

FP Series

Our FP Series wood wall panel and strip ceiling panel offer clients durable and quality-driven indoor and outdoor wood panelling with a touch of elegance. This series was designed to enable homeowners to enjoy the view of the clue sky from their balcony, while ensuring the wood panels are in harmony with the decor.

GW-S Series

Privacy is indeed valuable these days and if you are keen on taking your privacy up a notch, our GWS-S series is the wood panel for you. This sleek design comes equipped with a hidden door feature that is suitable for the living room as well as the bedroom.

GW-HB Series

Our Technology Wood GW-HB Series provides excellent long-term benefits for your home or commercial structures where it enhances the aesthetic look of your property. With a stylish and attractive combination of light strip panel ceiling design, the product brings an extravagant and luxury appearance that will please the eyes of the passers-by.

GW-HS Series

Thinking of a great way to emphasise the appearance of your interior wall? Our Technology Wood GW-HS Series is the answer to what you are looking for. Fluted wall panes area great way to boost the look of your house for its design and contemporary style that will definitely be an eye-catcher to your guests.

FT Series

Our Technology Wood Panel- FT series offers clients sustainable wood strip panels for your walls and ceilings. It is a great alternative to wallpapers or even paint, which can be dull and unattractive. This type of wood panels is available both indoors and outdoors, elevating the design of your home to a whole other level of comfort and beauty.

Every Project Is Unique

We acknowledge that the needs and requirements of our clients vary from one client to the next. Hence, we emphasised that no two Maze Concept projects are ever the same. Be it patio wood wall, wood patio ceiling, wood panelling for outside walls, wood ceiling, wood strip ceiling or timber strip cladding, we promise that each project is unique. Let our consultants enlighten you how our wood panelling can be made specifically for you.