Aesthetic Exterior Wood Cladding Panel Design Ideas

patio wood wall

What is Wood Cladding Panels?

A brief explanation on why you should choose this method of styling your home.

Looking to give your properly an architectural facelift with an aesthetic appeal? Exterior Wood Cladding Panels give you the feel and look of real wood without the negative aspects of it. It provides you with a wide array of colors and textures that will suite the outlook you are going for in your home, office or vacation property.

Many architects and designers can testify to the aesthetic elegance and cost-effectiveness of the exterior wood cladding solutions. Wood cladding offers a natural look for the house. External cladding aids in image-enhancing for the structure and the environment. These panels are environmentally friendly, Due to the low percentage of wax in the plastic, it is 100% recyclable as compared to composite panels.


Interior Design Ideas for Exterior Wood Cladding

1. Contemporary Vertical Cladding

This method of cladding provides a seek and rustic profile for the region which these panels have been installed. The blend of wood with other accents make it incredibly sleek and stylish modernized home.

2. Mixed Materials

If having only wood as the main concept may seem boring to you, an addition of mixing concrete, metal and big glass windows will add some charisma and charm towards the building with added depth and dimension as well.

3. Pop of Colour

Adding some color ascents to the pillows are chairs where the panels are installed can make it modernized and aesthetically pleasing to lounge in the area comfortably all day.

4. Irregular Shapes

Wood cladding doesn’t need to be proportionate; you can play with the shapes if straight cuts are to plain and boring for you. The creation of irregular edges can aid in complementing the shape of the building itself.

5. Darkness Cease to Exist Without Light

Let’s get creative! Having a mixture of dark and light wooden panels will extenuate the look of the building and bring some depth to the design. The dark areas physically fade backwards as the bright areas shift on.


The Benefits of Exterior Wood Cladding Panels

  • Cladding aids in insulating the house or building, dramatically reducing heating and cooling costs, as well as making the interiors comfortable.
  • It provides an additional layer of security for the house. It increases the building’s mechanical efficiency and holds things like fractures or cracks at bay.
  • It also protects the wood from temperature change, resistance to sunlight and reduces water absorption for maximum longevity.
  • Other than that, Cladding also has a notable aesthetic beauty to it where it comes in a variety of styles and colors which you may choose to your liking.
  • It can also make your walls soundproof if done in a certain way, so you don’t need to worry about unwanted people hearing your personal conversations or turning up the volume on your home sound system.
  • Wooden cladding is very easy to maintain with good durability, it can also be treated with fire retardant as well as anti-termite properties for maximum protection with a classy look for your home.


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