Chapter Two

Technology Wood Panels – The Guide to Low-Maintenance Beauty Routine for Your Quick Build Décor



Technology wood panels have plenty to offer – aesthetically and practicality. Previously, we illustrated two of the incredible benefits of technology wood panels – they provide a quiet and relaxing environment and cover up flaws perfectly. In this chapter, we will share another two advantages of technology wood panels.


Technology Wood Panels – A Quick Build Wall and Ceiling Décor

Read intently, 5 steps, 5 steps are all you need to install technology wood panels either on your walls or ceilings. Not only it’s easy to install, it’s easy to maintain as well, presenting its finest quality at all times.




The Two Qualities That Make Technology Wood Panels Easy to Maintain

Given its superb qualities, technology wood panels only require a low-maintenance beauty routine. So, what qualities of technology wood are worth mentioning continuously?



When people say, ‘termite the destroyer’, they are telling the truth. People install wood décor to increase the house’s aesthetic, not destroy the entire structure. The destructive outcome isn’t a trade-off but a tragic loss. Technology wood (made of composite wood) prevents the attack of termites. Rest assured, no termites will get jealous of your stunning wood décor anymore.




Technology wood panels are made of wood plastic composite (WPC) boards. They are 100% waterproof because technology woods combine recycled plastic and wood fibers. Astonishingly, this flawless blend produces high-performing wood-like décor, which retains an authentic woody finish and feels. Moreover, given its water-resistance quality, technology wood is also moisture resistant – when there is no dampness, there no mold.



The Low-Maintenance Technology Wood Panels Beauty Routine

Given technology wood panels are termite and water resistant, thus, it doesn’t require expensive agents to maintain its beauty. Why we say low-maintenance then? Continue reading to figure it out.


Cloth and Tap Water


A piece of microfiber cloth and plain water is all you need for routine cleaning. But, of course, we cannot avoid liquid splatters, no matter how careful we are. If that happens, you can use a PH-neutral soap to clean it, such as dishwashing liquid. Given many people are curious about the proper way to clean technology wall panels, we have made a mini skit on TikTok to address the gentle cleaning method. Feel free to watch the short video at


No Biocontrol Agents Required

Besides, low maintenance also indicates no expensive wood protection coating is needed. As mentioned above, technology wood panels are anti-termite, thus saving expenses on anti-termite spray and professional pest control services. Not only that, your technology wood panel is a perfect example of aging like fine wine – indeed a wise investment in home décor. Next chapter would be the final chapter of 5 reasons